Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pa Rump Pa Pum Pum

Why is everyone so upset that winter programs at schools don't have traditional Christmas carols?  I can understand it if your kid goes to a Christian/Catholic school, but if your child is in a public school what's the big deal if they are singing about snowflakes and Santa vs Baby Jesus?  Just because the majority of people celebrate something does not mean we shouldn't be aware or inclusive of other people and respect their cultures. 
Immigrating to Canada does not mean assimilation, or does it?  When did we start that?  Should people have to give up their own personal beliefs because they moved here because we give them freedom to practice their beliefs?  Holy hypocritical.
I have been reading how people are so upset because it's so different from when we were kids.  Of course it's different from when we were kids!  Since the 1970's:
- Kids have to sit in carseats and wear seatbelts.  I never had to.  I remember laying down in the back seat of the truck to have a good sleep.  I never got a sore neck from having to try and sleep sitting up because it was "safer".
- Kids have to wear helmets and pads to ride bikes and skateboards and ski.  I don't remember ever having to do that.
- Parents no longer smoke in vehicles when their kids are in the car (for the most part).  It was common practice for both parents to smoke in a vehicle and just open the window a tiny crack. 
- LGBT folks are allowed to marry and be openly in love with the one they love.  Heck, they are even allowed to have children (gasp!).
And the list goes on. 
I'm all about everyone believing in what they believe in - EVERYONE.  Just because I don't share the same beliefs as you doesn't mean I want yours shoved down my throat and especially down my child's throat.  My suggestion is that if you want to hear traditional Christmas carols attend church.  Churches have lots of services this time of year and you can sing your heart out.
Please please accept that our world is changing and we too need to change and learn how to get along.  Our differences are what make us so very wonderful and we need to start showing our new immigrants that they are welcome and not slam them for being there because now our kids can't sing "Little Drummer Boy" at school.  Seriously?  Am I think only one that thinks that is just a little ridiculous?

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