Friday, October 4, 2013

That Kid

I, friends, am the mother of "that kid".  Apparently my child is teaching the other kids at daycare how to swear, kicking over block towers and yesterday, he punched a kid in the face because "he was bothering me".  All in one week. 
Vaughn goes through phases and I read somewhere that between the ages of 4 and 5 little boys' testosterone levels double which helps to explain some of the aggression.  He's also been used to a dayhome and is the only child of a single parent so he's not been around a lot of kids all at once.
Excuses aside, it's very hard to hear these things because for the most part, I know Vaughn is a sweet and funny little boy.  I don't want him to be "that kid" so it looks like we have some work to do.
Thankfully though, the daycare completely understands and he's certainly charmed the pants off just about everyone who works there so they are very forgiving with him.  He always runs ahead to open the doors for the staff and insists that ladies go first, gentlemen go last.  He makes them laugh with stories of how his penis won't let him do something.  And the very first day he sat down across from his new teacher and told him that there was something she needed to know about him.  He said "I'm a hugger.  I am going to hug you." I know, right?  Super cute.  Where is that kid now?
Today was show and tell day at daycare and Vaughn didn't get to take anything.  It was a consequence for his behaviour yesterday and I don't think it really hit him until he got to school.  When we got there, he instantly ran in and apologized to his teacher for being a bully and I think he thought that was enough.  Just before I left he came up to me and said he really wanted show and tell and I told him no and the waterworks started.  I'm sure hoping that it sticks with him but I will continue to take away his privileges until he gets it.
It's just so hard trying to be good at my career and balance being a good mom as well.  I am exceeding all expectations at the office and having a banner year in sales.  The wonderful thing about my company is that they are supportive of me and understand if I need to take some time to be a mom.  Maybe I'm not taking enough time away to be a mom. 
Deep breath, I'm just going to let these past few days go.  I have to.  I can't always second guess my choices - I have to work hard so we can have a nice home and my son needs to learn that life is tough and he can't just push his way around.  It's not enough to say "I'm sorry", but it's a good start.